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The world's first & only, fully A.I. card grading platform.

Other grading companies are inaccurate, expensive and extremely slow because humans are doing the grading. With our technology, we are able to grade cards 10x faster, and more accurately than the other guys.

Currently accepting:

Modern Sports Cards, Pokemon, MetaZoo, Dragon Ball Super, YU-GI-OH! & Much More!

We grade a large selection of TCG and Sports Cards, and we’re always adding more!

Dragon Ball Super
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Weiss Schwarz
Flesh And Blood
Back Alley Mages
Gem Blenders
One Piece
Rise TCG
Dragon Ball Heroes
Upper Deck
World of Warcraft
Disney Lorcana
Magic: The Gathering
Grand Archive
Weiss Schwarz Blau
Hunter x Hunter

Service Levels

Unbeatable Prices and Turnaround Times

Transparent grading

Get a detailed grade breakdown.

When you grade your card with us, you will also get a breakdown of your grade. This will help you understand your grade way better than traditional grading. You'll know the exact score your card received for centering, surface, corners & edges for the front and back of your card.

What You Get

Some of the reasons thousands of collectors have switched to Robograding

Smarter Than Human Grading

When you grade your cards with us, our scanner will look for microscopic scratches, print lines, surface composition, and other details in your card that can easily be missed by even the best human graders.

Fair & Unbiased

Our AI grades your cards, not humans. So it’s unbiased & impartial. We offer complete transparency as to what the machine picked up, so the grade you get is a grade you can trust.

Fastest Turnaround Times

Our process is 100% automated and the technology it uses is pretty cool too; it grades 10-times faster than a human. No more waiting for months to know the value of your card.

Finds Global & Local Defects

Our AI detects both local & global defects in your card. Local defects are unique print line patterns found on a specific card, and general defects are distinct defects intrinsic to a specific set.

Detailed Grade Analysis

We tell you exactly what scores your card received for centering, corners, surfaces and edges for both the front and back of the card. Plus, we provide laser images, so you can see exactly where the defects are.

Lowest Prices

Because we can grade 10,000 cards in a day it makes it way easier on your pocket to choose us. We also know that some of you have hundreds of cards and want to grade them all.

I love the job that Robograding does.

They are the first and only company that is doing 100% A.I. grading. You can’t make a mistake with the computers and lasers they are using. There is no human looking at the cards and affecting the numbers. I would recommend giving them a shot.

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Gary "King Pokemon" Haase


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